Chemical hazards in your community

Learn about chemical hazards you may face in your community.

Your right to know about toxic releases

Many businesses and other facilities release toxic chemicals to air, land, or water as a part of their regular activities. Businesses are required to report when they release certain chemicals. You can search EPA's tool to see what was reported in your area.

Cleanup sites

We work to ensure that contaminated areas are cleaned up. Learn about cleanup sites near you in our interactive What's In My Neighborhood map.

Oil or chemical spills

Search for oil or chemical spills in our interactive spills map.

Environmental compliance

Check our news releases for recent enforcement penalties we've issued.

You can search EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) enforcement information through ECHO (Enforcement and Compliance History Online). Search ECHO in two ways:

  • By community - go to ECHO and enter a city or zip code. Scroll through the list or click the map to look for a facility.
  • By the facility’s name - go to ECHO and click the Explore Facilities button. Enter the facility’s name in the search bar. Scroll through the list to find the facility.

Beach closures

We test swimming beaches for contamination from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Check your local beach for closures and advisories in our interactive map.

Chemicals stored in your community

Facilities that store certain hazardous substances must report them to the State Emergency Response Commission (SERC), Local Emergency Planning Committees (LEPC), and local fire departments. 

The Hazardous Substance Information and Education Office is funded in partnership with the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries by the Worker and Community Right-to-Know Fund.