Bring green chemistry into your K-12 classroom

The resources we offer will help you assess your current chemical inventory and reduce hazardous chemicals by substituting safer alternatives and new experiments in your lab exercises.

Why use green chemistry in your classroom?

Chemicals are an essential part of science curriculum, but can be dangerous to students, staff, and the environment. Your school's chemical inventory likely includes outdated and highly hazardous materials.

Integrating green chemistry into your classroom lab experiments and lessons not only creates safer, more engaging lessons, it also prepares your students for the workforce and allows them to think creatively through practical problems. It also lets you teach cross-disciplinary concepts that align with Next Generation Science Standards and Washington's K-12 Integrated Environmental and Sustainability Learning Standards.

Using alternatives to hazardous chemicals may even help your school save money on chemical purchases and waste disposal.

Get started

Ecology and partner organizations have developed curriculum, training, and other resources to help you bring green chemistry into your classroom.