Taking action against toxic chemicals

We enforce Washington's regulations on toxic chemicals in products, educate the public about these chemicals, and develop policies to reduce or eliminate the use of toxic chemicals whenever possible.

Better Brakes Law

The Better Brakes Law phases out the use of copper in vehicle brakes by 2025.

Addressing priority toxic chemicals

We are taking action against toxic chemicals of high concern to human health and the environment.

Green chemistry

We work with schools and researchers to integrate green chemistry into schools and laboratories.

Children's Safe Products Act

The Children's Safe Products Act restricts some toxic chemicals and requires reporting on others.

Product Replacement Program

This program helps businesses transition away from toxic chemicals to better products.

Safer products

A new law aims to prevent toxic chemicals from being used in common products.

Washington’s toxics in products laws

These Washington laws are designed to keep toxic chemicals out of consumer products.

Toxics studies

Our scientists analyze toxic contaminants from a variety of places.