Ecology Youth Corps

For over 40 years, the Ecology Youth Corps has hired Washington teens and young adults to pick up litter on our state's roads and highways. Our crews pick up more than a million pounds of litter each year, and recycle just under 200,000 pounds of materials. Learn more about this program, including how to apply for one of our 300 annual positions.

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Jobs with the Ecology Youth Corps

Update (March 18, 2020) – Due to our current state and national emergency, and the uncertainty surrounding the remaining school year, we are canceling all Ecology Youth Corps 2020 summer litter crew operations for teens 14-17. We look forward to receiving application next year. The application period will open February 1, 2021.

Check back here later this spring for information about possible opportunities to serve on one of our adult litter crews.

Click on the map to go to contact information for your region.

State map showing Ecology's four regions with links to Ecology Youth Corps contact informationlink to Eastern Regional contact information Central Regional Office EYC contact info Northwest Regional Office EYC contact info Southwest Regional office contact info

Central region contacts

Rod Hankinson
Central Region Litter Administrator

Monica Martinez
EYC Assistant

Eastern region contacts

Laurie Dahmen
Eastern Region Litter Administrator

Lynette Kuehl
EYC Assistant

Northwest region contacts

Dan Skillman
Northwest region litter administrator

Sarah Elledge
EYC assistant

Southwest region contact

Southwest Region Litter Administrator

More information on working with EYC

2019 results

EYC crews worked 76,131 hours (totals include spring and fall median crews):

  • Picking up 1,213,250 pounds of litter
  • Recycling 102,253 pounds of litter collected
  • Cleaning 4,853 miles of road