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Floodplains by Design grant program

Floodplains by Design is our primary grant program for projects in the floodplain. This partnership of local and tribal governments, state and federal agencies, and private organizations works to coordinate projects that reduce community flood hazards while restoring the natural functions Washington rivers and floodplains provide. 

Local organizations have used these grants to improve flood protection for towns and farms, restore salmon habitat, improve water quality, and enhance outdoor recreation.

About the Floodplains by Design partnership

Floodplains by Design is an ambitious public-private partnership working to reduce flood risks and restore habitat along Washington’s major rivers. By transforming how floodplains are managed on a landscape scale, we can support thriving communities and a healthy environment. Since 2013, the Washington Legislature has appropriated $115 million to support large-scale, multiple-benefit projects across the state.

Program goals

  • Reduce flood risks and recover floodplain ecosystems while maintaining or improving agricultural production, water quality, and open space/recreation.
  • Improve coordination of public funding for floodplain efforts.

Primary partners

2017-2019 funding cycle

2017-2019 Floodplains by Design grants — $35 million awarded

Ecology, together with our partners at The Nature Conservancy and Puget Sound Partnership, are awarding more than $35 million in grants through the Floodplains by Design program for the current two-year state budget cycle (July 1, 2017, through June 30, 2019). The grants will go toward seven projects around the state. Each project is designed to reduce flood risks while restoring floodplain ecosystems.
Recipient Project Title  Base award*   Final Award 
Lower Columbia Estuary Partnership Steigerwald Flood Risk Reduction and Habitat Restoration Project  $ 4,579,547  $ 4,442,161
Hood Canal Salmon Enhancement Group Lower Big Quilcene River Design and Acquisition Project  $  2,355,526  $ 2,284,860
King County Water & Land Resources Riverbend Reach Construction Phase 1  $ 7,500,000  $ 7,275,000
Mason Conservation District Skokomish Watershed Ecosystem & Floodplain Restoration  $ 7,000,000  $ 6,790,000
Pierce County - Surface Water Management Floodplains for the Future - Puyallup, White & Carbon Rivers  $ 7,750,000  $ 7,517,500
Skagit River System Cooperative Barnaby Reach Floodplain & Habitat Restoration  $   415,000  $   402,550
Yakima County - Public Services Department Rambler's Park, Phase VI  $ 5,788,000  $ 5,614,360
  TOTAL AWARDS  $35,388,073  $ 34,326,431

*  Ecology deducts 3 percent from each grant for department administrative costs.

Previous Funding Cycles