Shoreline & coastal management

Washington's ocean and shorelines are integral to the regions character, quality of life, and economic viability. We work in partnership to protect and restore important habitats and ocean resources, keep water clean, reduce risk from coastal hazards, preserve important areas for water-dependent uses, and provide opportunities for public access to shorelines. We pursue this mission through education and training, collaborative planning, technical assistance, scientific research, and program improvements. We invite you to explore our efforts and participate in helping us manage Washington's important ocean and shoreline.

Shoreline management

Coastal zone management

Preserving and protecting coastal resources, balancing uses, and supporting thriving coastal communities.


We work to minimize the impacts of natural hazards to communities and natural resources.

Chehalis Basin

We are working to improve the health and resilience of the Chehalis Basin.

Padilla Bay Reserve

Learn about Padilla Bay's research and education programs, and visiting our interpretive center.


Aquaculture entails farming fish, shellfish, and other aquatic plants and animals.

Education & training

Professional, science-based shoreline education and training that helps protect the environment.

Ocean management

We work with partners across Washington to protect, understand, and manage ocean resources.