Risk MAP: Our natural hazard risk program

In Washington, we lead floodplain management, monitor coastal erosion, and help prepare communities for flooding and sea level rise. We provide technical assistance to local communities to reduce losses to life and property, and protect the natural environmental functions and values these landscapes provide.

We work together with the Federal Agency Management Agency (FEMA) to run the Risk MAP (Mapping, Assessment, and Planning) program in Washington. We give local communities the tools and expertise to better understand their natural disaster risks.

Reducing risk to life and property

By using FEMA’s Risk MAP program we help Washington communities better protect themselves from natural disasters. We provide technical assistance to local communities to help them better plan within their valleys and coastlines.


Can use the Risk MAP data to evaluate, assess, and plan for flood damage prevention projects. This information can advance agency efforts to prevent loss to life and property. Learn more about floodplain planning for governments.

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