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Templates & guidance documents

We work in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to certify and regulate wetland mitigation banks in Washington. Our guidance is designed to help those Interested in establishing a wetland mitigation bank navigate the process.

Rule documents


General guidance documents

Credit guidance

  • Bank Use Plan - Using Credits from Wetland Mitigation Banks: Guidance to Applicants on Submittal Contents for Bank Use Plans (February 2009). This guidance provides details about what information permit applicants should be submit in a "Bank Use Plan" if requesting to use wetland mitigation bank credits as mitigation.
  • Credit Guide for Wetland Mitigation Banks (February 2013). This guide clarifies the terms, uses, and measures of credits as they apply to wetland mitigation banking in Washington.

Guidance for a watershed/landscape-based approach

Service area

  • Service Area Guidance (November 2010). Guidance on the designated geographic area in which  a bank can reasonably provide compensation for unavoidable wetland impacts.

Submitting documents for review

Submit documents to us or the Interagency Review Team in both hard copy and electronic format. If the electronic copy is 3 MB or less, please submit it via email, CD, or DVD. If the electronic copy is larger than 3 MB, it must be submitted on a CD or DVD, and a hard copy needs to be mailed to us.