Department of Ecology News Release - May 27, 2019

Public invited to June 3rd meeting about East Fork Lewis River water quality

Learn about what is being done to improve water quality

The East Fork Lewis River watershed is undergoing restoration efforts to improve water quality.
VANCOUVER  –  The Washington Department of Ecology and its local partners have been working hard to improve water quality on the East Fork of the Lewis River after testing showed elevated temperatures and bacteria levels.
Given public concerns about water quality and the impact it has to both people and fish living in the watershed, Ecology is inviting the public to participate in a town hall meeting.

The free event will take place June 3 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the La Center Grange, 328 W. Fifth Street, in La Center.
The goals of the town hall meeting are to raise awareness, share information about water quality, provide land owners with resources to support water cleanup efforts, and answer questions raised by the public.
“This meeting is a good way for landowners to learn how they can help improve water quality in the East Fork Lewis River,” said Ecology Water Quality Specialist Devan Rostorfer who is coordinating the meeting.
The East Fork Lewis River is on the State’s polluted waters list for elevated water temperatures and problems with fecal coliform bacteria. The East Fork Lewis River Bacteria and Temperature Source Assessment Report initiated the water cleanup process.
Ecology’s pollution specialists have been reaching out to landowners in the watershed to identify and fix water quality problems. Members of the public are encouraged to report environmental issues online or by calling 360-407-6330.

Cleanup efforts have been boosted by the East Fork Lewis River Partnership which is a collaboration of local, state, tribal and federal governments; nonprofits, watershed groups, private industries, and landowners. The Partnership has been meeting regularly since August 2018 to support water cleanup efforts. Multiple East Fork Lewis River partners will attend the public town hall on June 3rd.

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Jeff Zenk
Twitter: ecySW
Devan Rostorfer
water quality specialist