Hydroflurocarbons use restrictions

WAC 173-443 restricts the use of HFCs and other fluorinated gases with a Global Warming Potential (GWP) of more than 150. It also prohibits the manufacture and sale of products containing restricted refrigerants in Washington State. Restrictions and important dates are listed below.

Who is affected?

Rule requirements apply to manufacturers of new equipment and to owners of existing equipment that use a refrigerant with a GWP over 150 (high-GWP). Individual homeowners are not directly impacted by this rulemaking.

You may be affected by this rule if you: 

  • Offer for sale, lease, rent, install, or otherwise bring into Washington commerce equipment that contains or uses a prohibited substance
  • Own or operate stationary refrigeration or air conditioning equipment containing a prohibited substance
  • Install, repair, maintain, service, replace, or dispose of a stationary refrigeration or air conditioning system
  • Distribute, reclaim, refrigerant with a GWP greater than 150

Restriction applications 

The rule restricts high-GWP HFCs used in the refrigeration and air conditioning sectors. To learn more about the prohibitions and exemptions, please see our HFC informational guidebook

Labeling requirements 

Manufacturers of these products and equipment must disclose the substance(s) contained or used through labeling as described in WAC 173-443-060(4).


Manufacturers of any new or retrofit refrigeration or air conditioning equipment must maintain, for a minimum of five years, a copy of the following records:

  • Sector or subsector of the equipment (refrigeration or air conditioning);
  • Refrigerant(s) the equipment is designed to use;
  • Date of manufacture or import;
  • Name of the company or entity to whom the equipment was sold or otherwise distributed;
  • The bill of lading; and 
  • The invoice.