Cleaning up: TECT Aerospace cleanup in Everett is getting started

Site includes part of Paine Field

We’re in the early stages of cleaning up the TECT Aerospace site in Everett, and we’d like your feedback on the initial documents that will guide the cleanup and how the public will be involved.

This site is located on the Southeastern portion of Paine Field and is currently owned by Snohomish County. Industrial uses such as aerospace manufacturing have contaminated the soil and groundwater with solvents, vinyl chloride, petroleum hydrocarbons, and heavy metals. These contaminants are at concentrations that exceed levels set by the state’s environmental cleanup law, the Model Toxics Control Act, and must be addressed.

We invite you to submit comments on two documents by May 23. One is the Agreed Order, which is the legal agreement between us and Snohomish County. It requires them to clean up the site under our oversight. The other is the Public Participation Plan, which will guide our work to inform and involve the public in this project.

You can find the Agreed Order, the Public Participation Plan, and more project details on our cleanup site page.