New website makes it easier to find state and federal funding

graphic of Washington state with a fish, reads
Now you can find many grants and loans for water and salmon related projects offered by the state and federal government in one place.

The new is a clearing house for water quality and salmon project funding. The Fund Finder website allows people to find grants by project type or who can receive the funding.

Partnership of agencies worked to build Fund Finder

This project came from a Results Washington improvement project workgroup. Ecology co-led the process with the Recreation and Conservation Office. This project brought together several natural resource state and federal agencies to collect all of the different funding information. This effort makes it easier for those seeking grants for water quality or salmon restoration projects — as they don’t have to search several different agencies in order to find out what funding is available.

This website is one of several action items that will help standardize and make funding information across multiple agencies more consistent.

Next steps to expand Fund Finder

Currently, the Fund Finder focuses on projects in the water, aquatic plant removal, restoring salmon habitat, and floodplain management. In the future, we are hoping to expand the Fund Finder to include all natural resource and some infrastructure grants and loans. We hope to include projects such as protecting safe drinking water and road and bridge construction and maintenance.

Check out the Fund Finder today.

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