2019 funding awarded to support clean water in Washington’s communities

Ecology is offering more than $155 million in financial assistance for 69 high-priority clean water projects across Washington state. Our funding supports local communities by helping them upgrade sewage treatment systems, manage polluted stormwater runoff, and complete a variety of projects to prevent pollution.

We received a few comments during our draft funding list comment period and have now finalized the list of recipients.

Man working on drainfield construction project
Drainfields sometimes need to be replaced
 to help prevent pollution from reaching the water.

View our interactive map of funded projects.

See the full offer list online.

The funding is binned into three major categories:

  • Funding to reduce nonpoint pollution that comes from widespread, hard-to-trace activities. 
  • Wastewater treatment projects such as upgrading sewer collection systems. 
  • Projects that reduce stormwater pollution that ultimately help us reduce the pollution that runs into our rivers and streams.    

roadside manhole liner replacement

Chehalis Public Works manhole liner replacement helps reduce stormwater in the sewer. 

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