Successful no further actions

Model remedies are standardized cleanup methods that help speed up the pace of cleanups and protect your health and the environment. So far, more than 60 contaminated sites across Washington have been successfully cleaned up using model remedies and awarded formal "No Further Action" (NFA) letters. When a site achieves an NFA, it means that no contamination remains above the applicable cleanup levels outlined in the state's law, the Model Toxics Control Act.

After a site reaches NFA status, we move it from our Confirmed & Suspected Contaminated Sites List to the No Further Action List. You can search these lists using Cleanup and Tank Search

To date, there are more than 13,000 known or suspected contaminated sites in Washington. About half of them are already cleaned up or require no further action. Model remedies are helping some cleanups reach "no further action" status more quickly.

When could a site receive a No Further Action letter?  

  • During a Voluntary Cleanup Program (VCP) cleanup, where property owners independently clean up their sites but can ask for our help. 
  • During a non-VCP cleanup, such as when property owners independently clean up their sites outside the VCP, or when we oversee the cleanup.
  • During the Initial Investigation or Site Hazard Assessment stage, which are two steps in the formal cleanup process.  

What cleanups have won an NFA by using a model remedy?