Financing solid waste for the future

The long-term sustainability of the solid waste funding system has been a concern of local governments in particular for more than two decades. We have released several reports over this time, assessing current funding mechanisms and potential alternatives.

Local Government Funding for Solid Waste in Washington State: 2023

Section 104 of House Bill 1799 of the 2022 legislative session required that we contract a study on the adequacy of local government solid waste management funding.

Resource Recycling Systems, sub-contracting with Cascadia Consulting and FCS 
Group, performed the study, which reasearched:

There are five chapters and three appendices:

Funding Mechanisms for Solid Waste: 2017

In 2017 we contracted a study to research funding mechanisms for solid waste. Cascadia Consulting Group partnered with FCS Group and Abbe & Associate to conduct the study in three parts: 

  1. Update current funding mechanisms used in Washington State.
  2. Identify potential funding mechanisms to consider.
  3. Recommend funding mechanisms to consider. 

The study included seven documents:

Earlier Studies and Resources: 2004-2011

Additional research and reports on solid waste financing are also available.