Mobile business stormwater source control and coordination

As a subset of commercial enterprises, mobile businesses have unique challenges related to stormwater and pollution prevention that will be better understood by a focused study. In this project, King County and Aspect Consulting will develop and test new tools and guidance to support municipal stormwater permittees in identifying and inspecting mobile businesses for compliance with the Phase I Municipal Stormwater Permit Section S5.C.8 for source control from exiting development.

Study objectives

  • Survey permittees on how they identify and track mobile businesses.
  • Coordinate across jurisdictions to crosswalk mobile businesses lists with likely pollutants.
  • Identify effective source control methods for mobile businesses.
  • Conduct a pilot source control effort at mobile businesses in south King County.
  • Apply lessons learned and develop best practices guidance for coordinating source control among jurisdictions.

Study findings

This study is ongoing until June 2024.

Project tasks and deliverables

Task 1: Technical Advisory Committee and Project management

Task 2: Survey of municipal mobile businesses source control

Task 3 Business listing generation

Task 4 Analyze permittee IDDE data on mobile businesses

Task 5 Best practices guidance document for multi-jurisdiction coordination

Task 6 Mobile Business Source Control Pilot Program in South King County

Task 7 Communication Plan