Water metering reporting

We have an online reporting system that water users can easily report their water meter use data.

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Report water use online

We encourage water users to report their water using our online reporting system. Most water use data is required to be reported every year by Jan. 31.

  1. The first step to reporting water use online is to request an account. To set up an account, your metering coordinator will need a measuring device information form for each measuring device. See the next section for information on forms (below).
  2. Once the account is set up, you will receive an email notifying you that your account has been activated.
  3. You can begin online reporting by logging into your account.

Online submittal is available for those water users that report water use to the Office of Columbia River but fall within the boundaries of the Eastern Regional Office. If you are unsure of which region your water rights fall into, contact the help desk at 509-575-2490.

For information on how to request an online account and get started reporting your water use, take a look at our quick reference guides:

If you are unable to submit your data online, please contact your regional metering coordinator.


Measuring device information

  1. This form must be submitted by the date specified in your water right authorization for the completion of construction. A measuring device information form documents information about the installed meter(s). If your water right requires you to install a measuring device, one must be installed for each of your diversions or withdrawals. This date is located on the water right document or on the approval letter for the extension of the completion of construction.
  2. The measuring device information form must be submitted along with the completion of construction form. We cannot finalize your completion of construction or issue your water right certificate without the installation of the measuring device and the completed measuring device information form.
  3. If you are submitting a form to document a meter replacement or a meter installation not connected with a development schedule, such as through an administrative metering order, cost share, or settlement agreement, please submit the form to your regional metering coordinator.

Water use data collection reporting form

Submit your recorded water use online by:

  1. Collecting and entering your metering data using a Microsoft Excel or Google spreadsheet.
  2. Copying and pasting the data from the spreadsheet into the metering web application.

Paper form submittal is possible. Please contact your regional metering coordinator to learn more.