Organics management for businesses

Many businesses in Washington must arrange for organic materials collection, as required by a 2022 Organics Management Law expanding organics management and collection in the state.

Business Organics Management Areas

By July 1 each year we are required under RCW 70A.205.545 to determine and post on our website areas in Washington where businesses must arrange organics management services to reduce their organic material waste. These Business Organics Management Area or BOMA determinations are valid for the following calendar year beginning January 1.

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This map identifies the expanded organics collection areas that are in effect for the 2024 calendar year. Areas in blue indicate the active collection areas.

A BOMA represents those parts of the state where we have determined both qualifying conditions exist:

  • Businesses have access to year-round curbside food waste and organic materials collection, and these materials are delivered to an organics management facility such as a compost facility or anaerobic digester for processing
  • Capacity exists at these facilities to accept increased volumes of organic materials from businesses

To make this determination, we consulted with local governments, haulers, and compost facilities. We also solicited public comment on a preliminary draft of the BOMA map through our E-comments portal.  The map reflects what we learned through this process.

Requesting exclusion

To request exclusion, a jurisdiction must submit their request in writing to us at The request must include the following:

  • A description of specific geographic areas.
  • How one or both conditions listed above are not met in the area.
  • If a jurisdiction is making their exclusion request based on factors such as cost, they must demonstrate that it is not economically feasible for affected businesses to meet the requirements in 70A.205.545A.
  • If the exclusion request is based on affected businesses not being able to meet the requirements for other reasons, the jurisdiction must explain in detail why businesses are unable to comply.

Ecology must also confirm this determination prior to granting an exemption.

BOMA exclusion focus sheet

Organics collection requirements timeline for businesses

Only businesses located in a BOMA and dispose of a certain volume of organic materials and solid waste will be impacted. You can see if a particular business is in a BOMA by using the address search bar in the top left corner of the BOMA map.

Below is a list of the types of businesses in a BOMA that will be impacted and when:

Jan. 1, 2024 – Businesses generating at least eight cubic yards of organic material waste per week must arrange for organic materials management service. 

Jan. 1, 2025 – Businesses generating at least four cubic yards of organic material waste per week must arrange for organic materials management service. 

Jan. 1, 2026 – Businesses generating at least four cubic yards of solid waste per week must arrange for organic materials management service.

These requirements also apply to businesses arranging for gardening and landscape work. Following the schedule above, they must ensure that an organics management facility will process the organic materials taken off site.

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