Organics management for local governments

Cities and counties in Washington may need to ensure organics materials management services are available to residential and non-residential customers, as required by a 2022 Organics Management Law expanding organics management and collection in the state.

Requirements for local jurisdictions

By Jan. 1, 2027, jurisdictions that implement a local solid waste plan must ensure organics management services are available once every two weeks or at least 26 weeks a year to:

  • All residential customers
  • All non-residential customers that general more than .25 cubic yards of organic waste per week

Services must be offered according to RCW 70A.205.540, but there is no requirement that customers subscribe to services. However, business customers may need to comply with the business requirements if they produce more than four cubic yards of solid waste per week.

Organics Management Local Government Requirements Workbook

This workbook shows how three primary local government requirements in the new law apply to every jurisdiction in the state.

  • Compost Procurement Ordinance (CPO)
  • Business Organics Management
  • 2027 Residential Organic Management collection requirements.

The workbook includes a worksheet for every county and all its incorporated cities and towns. Each worksheet outlines specific aspects of the regulation that apply to a jurisdiction, which jurisdictions are exempt and links to additional resources.


Jurisdictions are exempt if:

  • The population is less than 25,000 residents
  • The population is between 25,000 – 50,000 residents that did not have curbside organics collection as of July 1, 2022
  • The jurisdiction disposes of less than 5,000 tons of solid waste

In 2025 a waiver process will be available for areas where one or more of the circumstances applies:

  • Economic feasibility (i.e. distance to processing facility with capacity) 
  • Limited capacity at facilities where organic materials could feasibly and economically be delivered
  • Restrictions in the transport of organic materials under Chapter 17.24 RCW (Apple maggots)
  • Other

A map of residential collection areas will be available by July 1, 2024.