Battery stewardship

In 2023, the Legislature passed a law creating a product stewardship program for batteries. This new law requires battery producers to create a statewide collection system for portable used batteries by Jan. 1, 2027. Portable batteries are those found in things such as your phone, laptop, flashlight, and maybe even in some power tools. Other battery types will be phased in at later dates.

The law requires a battery stewardship organization to submit a plan to Ecology by July 1, 2026, describing how the program will operate, including: 

  • Participating producers
  • Transporters, processors, and disposal facilities to be used 
  • How the program will be funded
  • Performance goals 
  • Consumer outreach 
  • Safety procedures

We are in the very early stages of implementing this new law. We will begin rulemaking for this program in late 2023. This page will be updated as new information becomes available.

Electric Vehicle (EV) Battery Management Study

The bill also requires us to research the management of electric vehicle batteries and provide recommendations to the Legislature via a preliminary legislative report in November 2023, and a final report in April 2024.

We have hired a consultant team to help:
  • Gather information about current EV battery management practices in Washington and other jurisdictions; and 
  • Engage with stakeholders (i.e., automotive wrecking yards, solid waste companies, recyclers, local governments, environmental organizations, electric vehicle manufacturers, and others), to develop policy recommendations on EV management in Washington.

Study survey

Respond to the survey by clicking on the link below. Responses received by Sept. 29, 2023 will be taken into consideration in the preliminary legislative report. We recognize that this is a short timeline, so the survey will remain open and responses received by Jan. 31, 2024 will be considered in the final legislative report.

EV Battery Management Survey

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