North Bonneville Shoreline Master Program: Comprehensive Update and Periodic Review

The comment period for City of North Bonneville’s comprehensive update and periodic review is now closed.

We held a public comment period on North Bonneville’s proposed comprehensive update to their Shoreline Master Program (SMP), including amendments to satisfy the periodic review requirement, from Nov. 21 to Dec. 23, 2022. We sent email notices to notify those who had expressed prior interest. We received two written comments. Comments are focused on application requirements, critical area buffers, docks, environment designations, emergency construction, in-stream structures, recreation, shoreline setbacks, stabilization, and water quality.

Response to public comment

We prepared a summary of public comments and sent this to the city March 16, 2023. The city has provided a written response to the public’s comments

We'll decide if the City of North Bonneville's proposed program update meets the requirements of the Shoreline Management Act and the Shoreline Master Program Guidelines. We'll decide whether to:

  • Approve the program as is.
  • Approve with recommended changes.
  • Send the proposed program back to the city with required changes to meet statutory and rule requirements. Recommended changes may also be included with the required changes.

Relevant documents will be posted on the website when they become avaialable. Please check back.

Documents for public review and comment