Wetland mapping resources

We are committed to providing public access to wetland maps and geospatial data. The statewide interagency workgroup that developed the Washington Wetland Program Plan identified the following objectives related to wetland maps and geospatial data: 

  • Improve wetland mapping through implementation of phased mapping efforts.
  • Develop a web-based mapping system for permit activities.
  • Inventory wetland status and trends.
  • Integrate wetland data with web-based data management platforms.
  • Provide local governments access to mapping tools.

To help address these objectives, we received support from several grants funded by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In 2022 we are focused on an EPA-funded grant to conduct a statewide wetland mapping inventory project, which is the current focus of this web page.

Over time we will be adding information to this page about other past and current wetland-mapping efforts, as well as links to available wetland map products and geospatial data. 

Statewide wetland mapping inventory project

We're conducting a statewide survey to inventory wetland maps and mapping efforts. We're interested in the general areas and regions where wetland-mapping work is completed or underway to gain a better understanding of the status of wetland mapping in Washington and where data gaps exist. This effort is funded by the EPA through a Wetland Program Development grant.

We're connecting with local and tribal governments, state and federal agencies, and land managers who regulate or manage wetlands to identify the status of local, regional, and statewide wetland mapping efforts. From this survey, we will generate a statewide list of available mapping projects and resources culminating in a consolidated, publicly accessible, web-based map and/or list of available wetland maps and mapping efforts across Washington.

Project timeline and status

We're currently working on Task 5 of our grant: we are working with Ecology IT staff to produce a web-based map or list tied to existing Ecology wetland maps.

Work Plan Tasks

Estimated Timeline


1. Create awareness of the project and identify potential entities.

12/1/2021 – 2/28/2022


2. Develop list of GIS/wetland contacts and a survey for acquiring specific mapping effort information.



3. Interview GIS/wetland contacts.



4. Synthesize and analyze the survey responses.



5. Work with Ecology IT staff to produce a web-based map or list tied to existing Ecology wetland maps.


In progress

6. Public outreach by announcement of project completion and presentations. 


Not started