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AmeriCorps members support Skookumchuck River restoration

March 4 blog – Three of our Washington Conservation Corps (WCC) field crews assisted Thurston Conservation District on a large-scale restoration project along the Skookumchuck River.

A framework for greenhouse gas assessment

March 2 blog – We released a framework for a new rule that would guide greenhouse gas environmental assessments in Washington. 

No Discharge Zone continues to protect Puget Sound

March 1 blog – We have good news for Puget Sound as EPA reaffirms the No Discharge Zone.

Boeing Everett cleanup advancing to final stages

March 1 news release – We're taking comments on plans and earlier studies to guide the Boeing Everett Plant site's final cleanup of contaminated soil and groundwater.

Ecology secures $3.6 million to restore and preserve vital coastal wetlands

Feb. 26 blog – We've secured nearly $3.6 million in federal grants to protect 725 acres of coastal wetlands in Skagit, Snohomish, Thurston & Whatcom counties.

Secrets of the dead: Using dead-shell assemblages to reconstruct past conditions at the bottom of Puget Sound

Feb. 24 blog – Scientists from our Marine Sediment Monitoring Team have teamed up with peers from the University of Chicago to learn the history of life under Puget Sound.

Making food packaging safer with alternatives to toxic chemicals

Feb. 23 blog – Consumers in Washington may soon see safer food packaging. We published a report identifying alternatives with fewer toxic chemicals.

Preventing a Dust Bowl in Washington

Feb. 22 blog – Dust storms are a threat in Eastern Washington. Learn what we're doing to protect soils and human health.

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