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Boots on the Ground: Taking chances on 'Coho' crew

AmeriCorps member Emily Atkins shares a first-hand account of what it's like to serve on a Washington Conservation Corps restoration field crew. (Read more)

For 50 years we've protected Washington's land, air, and water

Celebrate #EarthDay2020 by watching this video that highlights the ecological diversity of Ecology's Southwest Region!

(See more more ideas for Earth Day)

Citizen scientists help Ecology monitor the environment

Aug. 7 blog – Every day we work closely with fellow Washingtonians to monitor and study our shared environment. Here are just a few examples of how we partner with citizen scientists throughout the state.

Boots on the Ground: Taking chances on 'Coho' crew

Aug. 5 blog – AmeriCorps member Emily Atkins shares a first-hand account of what it is like to serve on a Washington Conservation Corps restoration field crew.

From meth labs to marijuana grows, Ecology’s spill response team handles more than just oil

Aug. 4 blog – Read about the history of Ecology's Spills Program's involvement in illegal drug operations. cleanups.

Cleanup proposed at Yakima Training Center

Aug. 3 news release – Cleanup is proposed after years of military activity at the Yakima Training Center. Public review and comment is available.

Water restrictions coming for Touchet River irrigators

July 30 news release – Many irrigators in the Touchet River basin will have to curb consumption this summer to save water for fish and other uses.

$332,000 Cooke Aquaculture penalty supports habitat restoration in Skagit County and statewide

July 30 blog – Salmon will have better habitat in Skagit county with help from a $332,000 penalty settlement with Cooke Aquaculture after the collapse of its floating pen near Cypress Island in 2017. 

Water contact recreation is now open near Les Davis Pier in Pierce County

July 23 blog – Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department lifted the no water contact advisory near Les Davis Pier along Ruston Way.

The arrow worms: Part worm, part fish, part…tiger?

July 22 blog – Let’s get “straight to the point”: the arrow worm is “right on target” to be named one of the strangest creatures roaming Puget Sound.

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