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Electron Hydro fined $501,000 for Puyallup River pollution

June 8 news release – We issued a $501,000 penalty and an Administrative Order to Electron Hydro for the discharge of sports turf into the Puyallup River and ongoing water quality violations.

Lasting state/industry partnership key to keeping state waters safe from oil spills

June 7 blog – Washington maintains a strong partnership with industry to advance our zero-spills goal. Together, we've created a system admired and emulated throughout the world with one of the lowest spill volumes in the nation. Learn about how our efforts have evolved over the past 30 years, leading to historically strong oil spill prevention, preparedness, and response capability and a dramatic reduction in oil spills. 

Curtailments come to Chehalis River basin

June 4 blog – We notified 93 junior water right holders in the Chehalis River basin that their access to surface water for irrigation is curtailed until streamflows improve.

No-contact advisories lifted for Pomeroy Park and Illahee State Park in Kitsap County

June 3 blog – Kitsap Public Health District lifted the no-contact advisories at Pomeroy Park and Illahee State Park. These advisories were due to elevated bacteria levels during routine sampling. Subsequent water sampling revealed that bacteria levels are now within safe limits.

Cleaning up: New model remedies for contaminated historic orchard lands

June 3 blog – Our year-long efforts with stakeholders resulted in the draft Model Remedies for Cleanup of Former Orchard Properties.

Forecast looks at Columbia Basin water availability

June 2 news release – Every five years, Ecology’s Office of Columbia River looks forward 20 years to examine water supply & demands for communities, farms, and fish. 

Ecology uses cash to convert dry cleaners to less toxic options

June 1 news release – Fifty dry cleaning businesses across the state have switched from toxic PERC to a less toxic alternative. However, about 60 are still using PERC, prompting us to redouble our efforts.

Public invited to comment on state draft fish net-pen guidance

June 1 news release – Ecology and other state agencies are releasing a draft marine net pen guidance for public review.

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