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Mukilteo Lighthouse Park and Des Moines Beach Park are now open for water recreation in Snohomish and King Counties

July 22 blog – The Snohomish Health District lifted the no-contact advisory at Mukilteo Lighthouse Park, and Public Health Seattle & King County lifted the no-contact advisory at Des Moines Beach Park. Sampling has revealed that bacteria levels are now safe for water contact.

Ecology rolling out improvements to SEPA reporting system

July 22 blog – We receive over 6,000 environmental review documents annually from lead agencies under SEPA. We launched a new online tool so partner agencies can now directly enter this data.

Water conservation activities for kids

July 21 blog – With a growing population, vital agricultural uses, and climate change, it's important to not take water for granted. Practicing water conservation every day, every year, just makes sense. Conserving simply means not wasting. Your whole family can learn about water conservation together. 

Actividades de conservación de agua para niños

July 21 blog – Su familia entera puede aprender sobre la conservación de agua juntos. El internet tiene una riqueza de materiales de aprendizaje gratis para niños de todas las edades. 

Single-use plastic bag ban begins Oct. 1 in Washington

July 21 news release – Washingtonians will begin to see fewer plastic bags littering the state’s roadsides, parks, and streams beginning Oct. 1 when the statewide plastic bag ban goes into effect. The bag ban prohibits the distribution of single-use plastic carry-out bags by restaurants, retail, small vendor, and grocery stores.

Sunnyside Beach Park and Chambers Creek Regional Park beaches are CLOSED to water contact due to a sewage spill, Pierce County

July 21 blog – Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department issued closures at Sunnyside Beach Park and Chambers Creek Regional Park beaches due to a sewage spill. A crushed sewer line is discharging sewage into Flett Creek which runs into Chambers Bay. 

Burfoot County Park is now open for water recreation, Thurston County

July 20 blog – Thurston County Public Health & Social Services lifted the no-contact advisory at Burfoot County Park. Sampling has revealed that bacteria levels are now safe for water contact.

Richey Viewpoint Park is closed due to sewage spill in King County

July 19 blog – Public Health Seattle & King County issued a closure at Richey Viewpoint Park due to a nearby sewage spill.

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