Quality assurance project plan templates for grantees & data gatherers

Most environmental science grantees, including those receiving grants from the National Estuary Program, need to submit a quality assurance project plan for approval. Here are templates, guidelines, checklists, and sample plans.

Standard procedures for field sampling & analysis

Grantees are required to use standard operating procedures (SOPs) for any field sampling and field analytical activities they undertake. Here is a link to Ecology's SOPs for field procedures:

Help with laboratory accreditation

See the laboratory accreditation website for more information about laboratory accreditation. Any data submitted to Ecology or funded by Ecology must be performed by an accredited lab using an accredited method.

National Estuary Program grantee considerations

Detailed NEP quality assurance process flowchart:
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Simplified NEP quality assurance process flowchart:
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Everyone who receives funding for a project from the federal EPA’s National Estuary Program (NEP) through any Washington state agency will need to work with Ecology's NEP quality coordinator to fulfill quality assurance requirements.

First, submit a waiver form as soon as a final agreement or contract statement of work is in place, whether or not you expect a quality assurance project plan (QAPP) will be required.