Partner with the Washington Conservation Corps

Our AmeriCorps crews and Individual Placements (IPs) complete projects for our partners that include a diverse network of more than 100 federal, local, state, and non-profit organizations. We offer our services at a cost-share rate. This means that your organization will pay 75 percent of the costs of a six-person crew or an 11-month IP.

What projects are eligible?

Crew project

WCC will consider projects that physically improve the natural environment or expand recreational opportunities for the public. Partner organizations must be non-profit or governmental organizations. Specific activities may include:

  • In-stream large woody debris placement, bank stabilization, or fish barrier removal
  • Livestock exclusionary fence construction
  • Wetland creation or restoration
  • Wildlife structure installation
  • Riparian planting and maintenance
  • Manual and chemical invasive species suppression and removal
  • Trail, boardwalk, and bridge construction
  • Infrastructure improvements (e.g., campgrounds, picnic shelters, etc.)

Individual Placement program

An Individual Placement (IP) is one AmeriCorps member serving within a host site organization to build capacity around volunteer recruitment, environmental education, and project management. Host site organizations are able to recruit for and select the IP to ensure a good match.

Interested in partnering with the WCC?

Visit our regional contacts tab to connect with a coordinator in your region.

What is my organization expected to provide?

  • 75 percent cash matching funds with a four-day minimum commitment.
  • Timely processing and payment of monthly invoices.
  • Project-specific guidance (where necessary).
  • Required permits / licenses for project completion (if applicable).
  • Specialty tools and equipment, when required, to complete project.
  • When travel is required to accomplish projects, sponsors contribute additional funds to cover the crew's food and overnight lodging, if necessary.

What does WCC provide?

  • 25 percent matching funds for crew services.
  • One six-person crew consisting of five WCC AmeriCorps members and one crew supervisor.
  • Extended cab vehicle, basic complement of hand tools, WCC uniforms, rain gear, and safety items for crew to perform projects (specialized tools and / or equipment rental must be provided by partner agency / organization).
  • Crew coordination including training, scheduling, and administrative services.
  • Crew payroll and benefits administration. WCC members and supervisors will be issued paychecks through the Department of Ecology. WCC members are AmeriCorps participants and crew supervisors are Ecology employees.

WCC Regional Coordinators

North Puget Sound
Vanessa Young

King County (Renton and Redmond)
Liz Esikoff

King and Snohomish Counties (Issaquah, Kirkland, and Snoqualmie)
Josiah Downey

Eastern / Central Washington
Joe Hall

Olympic and Kitsap Peninsulas
Owen French

Southwest Washington
Jason Ouellette

Individual Placements (statewide)
Laura Schlabach