Partner with the Washington Conservation Corps

Our AmeriCorps crews and Individual Placements (IPs) complete projects for our partners that include a diverse network of more than 100 federal, local, state, and non-profit organizations. We offer our services at a cost-share rate. This means that your organization will pay 75 percent of the costs of a six-person crew or an 11-month IP.

Eligible Projects

What projects are eligible?

Crew projects
WCC will consider projects that physically improve the natural environment or expand recreational opportunities for the public. Partner organizations must be non-profit or governmental organizations. Specific activities may include:

  • In-stream large woody debris placement, bank stabilization, or fish barrier removal.
  • Livestock exclusionary fence construction.
  • Wetland creation or restoration.
  • Wildlife structure installation.
  • Riparian planting and maintenance.
  • Manual and chemical invasive species suppression and removal.
  • Trail, boardwalk, and bridge construction.
  • Infrastructure improvements (e.g., campgrounds, picnic shelters, etc.)

AmeriCorps IP Program
Currently, we are not recruiting new partners for our IP program. Our next application process will open in fall 2018. If you wish to be added to our contact list, email Laura Schlabach.

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