Fleet vehicle emission testing

We oversee the emission testing program for fleet vehicles. Both state and local government fleet vehicles are required to undergo this testing. We've partnered with Applus Test Stations to provide vehicle testing services.

Certain fleet vehicles in Washington require testing.

Fleet emission testing schedules and requirements

Fleet vehicles that were manufactured prior to 2009 require annual emission testing. State and local government vehicles are tested for free. Federal government and privately-owned fleet vehicles only need to be tested every other year. Check the schedule to see when your fleet vehicles are required to be tested and where to get a test.

If you are an Authorized Test Facility, you can conduct your own emissions test, otherwise you will need to contract out the test. 

Fleets may be authorized to conduct their own emission tests or can send their vehicles to an authorized agent. Find an Authorized Emission Specialist near you, or see how you can become an Authorized Testing Facility.

These gasoline vehicles never need emission tests:

  • Motorcycles
  • 2009 and newer models
  • Toyota Prius and Honda Insight hybrids
  • Vehicles more than 25 years old

Testing is also not required for diesel vehicles that are:

  • 2007 and newer models
  • Equipped with an exhaust particle filter
  • Have a scale weight of 6,000 pounds or less (found on vehicle's registration certificate)