Business & industry requirements

In partnership with local clean air agencies, we regulate businesses that emit air pollution. We issue air permits for industrial emissions and for many types of burning. We also require businesses to reduce and report certain pollutants they are responsible for or that they emit.  

Eastern Washington industrial facility

Permits for industrial emissions and burning

We work to protect air quality in Washington by regulating air pollution from industrial processes and burning by partnering with EPA and local clean air agencies.

There are several types of permits we issue. If your business emits air pollution, then you probably need to apply for an air quality permit and register with us. We also issue outdoor and agricultural burn permits. Types of permits we issue include:

  • Burn permits
  • General orders (a collection of permits)
  • Notice of construction
  • Prevention of significant deterioration
  • Registration program

Contact your local clean air agency about air permitting requirements in your area.

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Greenhouse gases, generally known as carbon pollution, are one of the air pollutants we regulate. Some businesses and organizations in Washington are required to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and others are required to meet emission rate standards. 

Reporting emissions

Business that emit or are responsible for air pollution in Washington may be required to report their emissions to us. What you are required to report is dependent on your permit or regulations that require reporting. We collect information on criteria pollutants, metals, greenhouse gases, and toxics.

Find out more about required air quality emissions reporting.