$23.8 million awarded for clean water projects in the eastern region

Adams, Asotin, Columbia, Ferry, Franklin, Garfield, Grant, Lincoln, Pend Oreille, Spokane, Stevens, Walla Walla, and Whitman counties

Update: Ecology awarded an additional $10 million in stormwater grants bringing the total to $226.9 million in grants and loans that could support more than 2,500 jobs and improve water quality for communities across the state. Specifically, in the eastern region, we're offering $23.8 million for 21 high-priority clean water projects.

Supporting communities

Our Water Quality Combined Funding Program supports local communities by helping those receiving the funds to:

  • Upgrade wastewater treatment systems and sewer systems.
  • Manage polluted stormwater.
  • Prevent and clean up harder to identify sources of pollution, nonpoint pollution. Nonpoint pollution comes from activities that are usually widespread across an area without a single pollution source.

For more information about the statewide awards please see our press release.

Projects in the eastern region

Here are a few projects highlighting our areas of work. For the full list of projects, visit our grants webpage or view our interactive map.


We’re offering $18 million for fourteen wastewater projects. Four of the projects qualified for hardship financial assistance due to their potential impact on residential sewer bills. Hardship financial assistance can be awarded to small and financially challenged communities to ensure wastewater projects can move forward without unduly raising residential sewer bill rates

Two people looking into a trickling filter at the Town of Garfield's wastewater treatment plant.

A trickling filter at the Town of Garfield’s wastewater treatment plant. Their project will fix issues significantly affecting the plant function.

These hardship projects may receive a combination of grants, forgivable loans that do not have to be repaid, and low interest rate loans.  

Town of Garfield

We're offering the Town of Garfield in Whitman County $610,643 in a combination grant, forgivable loan, and low interest loan to line sewer mains at critical locations throughout the town. The project will fix key deficiencies in the sewer system that were identified during a recent infiltration and inflow study. The deficiencies significantly affect the function of the town’s wastewater treatment plant.

$660,000 in grants and loans for three stormwater projects

City of Republic

We're offering the City of Republic a $32,000 loan for stormwater management planning. Stormwater in Republic’s President’s Bowl area discharges to the city’s sewer system, overloading the wastewater treatment plant with flows exceeding plant permitted capacity by nearly five times. This project will evaluate and determine improvements to prevent overflows that could discharge raw sewage to the Sanpoil River.

$5.25 million in grants and loans to four nonpoint projects

Spokane Conservation District

We're offering the Spokane Conservation District $1.75 million in grants and low interest loans to improve water quality in the Hangman Creek watershed. Hangman Creek suffers from excessive sedimentation from natural and anthropogenic sources. These projects will increase community involvement to reduce sediment delivery through education, outreach, and cost-share programs and loans. These projects will also implement best management practices, such as 3,000 feet of stream restoration and stabilizing 1,425 feet of rapidly eroding stream bank.

Heavily eroded left bank of Hangman Creek

Erosion along Hangman Creek contributes sediment to the waterbody.