Water Quality Combined Funding Program

Our Water Quality Combined Funding Program is an integrated funding program for projects that improve and protect water quality throughout the state. The program combines grants and loans from state and federal funding sources. We also provide technical assistance to program applicants to help them navigate this process.

We have one combined funding cycle, one application, one competitive rating process, and one list of funding offers. Applicants submit just one application for all of the funding sources under the Water Quality Combined Funding Program.

Funding cycle

  • ​Amount of funding available:  Varies based on the state budget — ranges from $100 million to $200 million annually.
  • Grant award limit: Varies depending on funding source and project type. See the current funding year guidelines below for more information. 
  • Amount of matching funds required: Depends on the funding source you receive, can be up to 25 percent match required.
  • Funding dates: We accept applications from mid-August through mid-October each year.
Application Information

Applicants submit one application and depending on eligibility and priority, we award the best available funding from several different grants and loans (which could include a combination of grants and loans). Our funding comes from a mix of state and federal funds dedicated for water quality improvement and protection.

Current funding cycle timeline — Fiscal Year 2021

Cycle phase Timeline
Submit application Aug. to Oct. 2019
Evaluate, rate, and rank applications Oct. to Dec. 2019
Publish proposed project list (Draft Funding List) Jan. 2020
Publish offered project list (Final Funding List) July 2020
Develop funding agreement July 2020 through Jan. 2021
Manage agreement/project One to five years
Close out agreement  
We provide funding resources for applicants and recipients — which includes workshops and helpful information. 

Who's eligible Eligible project types

Additional information about this funding program:

Program guidelines