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King Tides: A glimpse into tomorrow, a photo challenge today
King Tides are the highest tides of the year. In Washington, these usually occur between late October and late January. 
Around the Sound: Changes already obvious during Port Gamble Bay cleanup
Cleanup work in and around Port Gamble Bay didn't start until late September, but already the changes are striking.
Eyes Over Puget Sound: Finally getting back to normal

Environmental Council of the States presented our marine programs with the Innovations Award for 2015. Learn more in Eyes Over Puget Sound.

Eyes Over Puget Sound: Fall arrives with hordes of jellyfish

Fall 2015 is here, but our September Eyes Over Puget Sound flight showed us that Puget Sound is still at record-high water temperatures. We saw large groups, or "smacks" of jellyfish.

Millions of jellyfish take the center stage for this month's Eyes Over Puget Sound

During Aug. 2015's Eyes Over Puget Sound monitoring flight, we saw massive blooms of jellyfish stretching hundreds of feet long.

Puget Sound waters left sweltering after double punch from the drought and the Blob

Puget Sound waters were hit with a double-whammy. Late last year, "the Blob" was followed by an extremely warm winter, and the usual snowpack didn’t form in the mountains.

Around the Sound: A great day at the bay!
The Port Gamble Klallam Tribe held an amazing blessing ceremony today for a coming, major cleanup of in-water sediments in the bay.
Eyes Over Puget Sound: More squishies, less crunchies

Abundant sun and unusually warm water temperatures fueled phytoplankton and zooplankton blooms in many areas during June 2015's marine flight.

Critter of the month: The dumbbell worm

The dumbbell worm is tiny, ranging from 15 to 20 millimeters long and about 5 millimeters wide. Its class, Polychaeta, are segmented worms within the phylum Annelida.

Eyes Under Puget Sound: Our taxonomists “name that species!”
Meet the two new taxonomists that recently joined the monitoring team, Dany Burgess and Angela Eagleston.

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