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Eyes Under Puget Sound: Critter of the month — Common Sun Star
With its bright sun-like appearance, the common sun star is one of the more beautiful creatures in Puget Sound.
Eyes Under Puget Sound: Critter of the Month — The Ice Cream Cone Worms
Ice cream cone worms are easily recognized by their distinct cone-shaped tubes that can be up to two inches long.
Eyes Over Puget Sound: River flows above normal

Cooler and wetter conditions set the stage for a favorable supply of freshwater in June 2017.

Around the Sound: Ongoing and future restoration, redevelopment, and recreation
Port Gamble Bay on scenic Hood Canal was once home to a saw mill that operated for 142 years. The in-water cleanup and restoration and preservation efforts continue to transform this bay.
Eyes Under Puget Sound: Critter of the Month — Tube-Dwelling Anemone
Meet the tube-dwelling anemone, a delicate blossom at the bottom of Puget Sound.
Around the Sound: Port Gamble cleanup is a great success!
For 142 years, Port Gamble Bay had a sawmill operated by Pope and Talbott. It closed in 1995. Today, it is the site of the largest creosote-treated piling removal projects in Puget Sound.
Eyes Under Puget Sound: Critter of the Month — The Moon Snail
With its easily recognizable shell (the largest found on Puget Sound beaches), we are certainly over the moon for this month's critter: the Moon Snail.
Eyes Under Puget Sound: The voucher sheet project
A voucher sheet is a document that contains descriptions and photos of a species. We create these to identify the critters we monitor and to help other scientists doing similar work.
Eyes Under Puget Sound: Critter of the Month —The Heart Urchin
Unlike most sea urchins, which are round, heart urchins appear heart-shaped, elongate with a small depression at one end for the mouth.
Eyes Over Puget Sound: A look at 2016 in photos

Learn about how the global climate affects water quality, see the impacts warmer waters had on Puget Sound, and compare photos from flights throughout 2016.

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