It's field work time!
Sediment monitoring field season is a perfect opportunity to talk about how we collect Puget Sound critters.
Puget Sound Nutrient Watch: What is the Problem with Nutrients?

Our third installment of Puget Sound Nutrient Watch focuses on Puget Sound's excessive nutrients.

Habitat projects to expand fish access throughout Chehalis Basin

Barrier culverts will be redesigned or reconstructed to allow migrating fish easier access to crucial stream habitat in Grays Harbor and Lewis counties.

Dust wars

Dust storms can be an issue in Eastern Washington.

La Niña winter final roundup

Continued cold, snowy weather during late winter brought the good news we needed for this summer’s water supply

Puget Sound officially a No Discharge Zone

Under the historic new rule, vessels are prohibited from releasing any sewage (blackwater), treated or untreated, within Puget Sound. This will help protect shellfish and people. 

The brittle stars embody nature's fragility...and resilience
The brittle stars truly are in a class all their own.
Ecology opposes federal proposal to allow offshore drilling on Washington’s coast

Ecology Director Bellon submitted a letter to the U.S. Interior Secretary opposing a federal proposal to allow offshore oil and natural gas leasing on WA's outer continental shelf.

Even tiny pollution makes a big problem for water quality

Looking for feedback on tools to address pollution in the Spokane River. 

Recently passed capital budget unlocks 2018 funds to support clean water

Funding released for fiscal year 2018 after passing the capital budget. 

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