Environmental laboratory accreditation

Laboratories that analyze environmental samples must be capable of providing accurate and defensible analytical data. Many grant-based or legislatively-mandated scientific studies require the use of an accredited laboratory. In Washington, such labs must receive accreditation through Ecology to ensure they are conducting analyses according to prescribed methods. Many of these labs will accept samples from businesses or the public.

  • Find a lab, and learn how to choose a lab to analyze your samples.
  • Become an accredited lab, and learn more about laboratory quality assurance or the application and renewal process.

Find a lab

Lab Search database — Find an accredited lab. Search by area, environmental parameter (analytes), and more. A printable list (PDF, below) of accredited labs is available, however, the most up-to-date information is in the Lab Search database.

Find labs on a map

Our new map-based tool, based on our popular Lab Search database, can help you find a laboratory that can analyze your samples. Drinking water laboratories are in blue, other types of labs show in orange. Click the dots to learn more about each facility.

How to choose an analytical laboratory offers considerations to keep in mind when deciding which lab to hire for your analyses.

Printable lab lists

Information for laboratories

To assure accreditation renewals are promptly managed, please keep us updated with your current email address. We notify environmental labs six weeks before accreditation expires with a renewal application and a report of your lab's currently requested parameters. Contact Ruth Powers-Piccone if you do not receive a renewal application and/ or when you are ready to submit your completed renewal application.

To ensure you receive renewal notices, please add "donotreply@ecy.wa.gov" to your contacts list.