Environmental laboratory accreditation

We accredit Washington environmental laboratories — including those that analyze drinking water, wastewater, soil, sediments, and solid waste — for Washington state.  Accredited laboratories provide essential data to protect public health and the environment.

Rulemaking finalized for Accreditation of Environmental Laboratories rule

Learn about updates to WAC 173-50 Accreditation of Environmental Laboratories enacted on Sept.1, 2023.

We notify environmental labs six weeks before accreditation expires with a renewal application and a report of your lab's currently requested parameters. Contact Louise White if you do not receive a renewal application and/or when you are ready to submit your completed renewal application. 

Laboratory Accreditation: Prepare for the Next Renewal is a printable guide to help laboratories prepare for their annual accreditation renewal.

To assure accreditation renewals are promptly managed, please keep us updated with your current email address and add "donotreply@ecy.wa.gov" to your contacts list.