Environmental laboratory accreditation

We accredit Washington environmental laboratories — including those that analyze drinking water, wastewater, soil, sediments, and solid waste — for Washington state.  Accredited laboratories provide essential data to protect public health and the environment.

Rulemaking finalized for Accreditation of Environmental Laboratories rule

Learn about updates to WAC 173-50 Accreditation of Environmental Laboratories enacted on Sept.1, 2023.

To assure accreditation renewals are promptly managed, please keep us updated with your current email address. We notify environmental labs six weeks before accreditation expires with a renewal application and a report of your lab's currently requested parameters. Contact Louise White if you do not receive a renewal application and/ or when you are ready to submit your completed renewal application.

To ensure you receive renewal notices, please add "donotreply@ecy.wa.gov" to your contacts list.