Manuals & procedures for accredited labs

We offer one-stop-shopping for manuals and procedures for accredited laboratories. Our goal is for labs to have access to the most current quality-control tools and to receive rule updates to help Washington's labs maintain high-quality analyses.

Gain access to procedural guides, refer to the Laboratory Accreditation rule, look up analytical methods and method codes, and learn about proficiency testing and sample providers for environmental laboratories.

Access procedures and fees

Look up methods

Learn about lab method codes

  • Lab Search database will give you the Method Codes for the methods for which your lab is accredited. Search by the name of your lab and filter for the Method Code column.
  • TNI LAMS is the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Management System test methods database at The NELAC Institute. Find other method codes for methods for which your lab is not accredited, but for which you would like to apply for accreditation.

Proficiency testing is a key element of accreditation

Receive your lab code

An EPA lab identification code is necessary for accreditation and for proficiency test reporting. If your lab is located in Washington, please call our office at 360-871-8800 for instructions on how to receive your lab code. If your lab is not located in Washington, please call the EPA Region office for the state in which your lab is located.

Lab quality assurance manuals are required