Municipal stormwater permit reissuance

We reissued the current permits on July 1, 2019. The Phase I and Phase II permits expire on July 31, 2024.

We are beginning to work on the 2024 permit reissuance to identify issues and necessary improvements for the permits.

2024 permit reissuance 

We're in the early stages of planning the 2024 permit reissuance. We welcome early input to help develop the proposed draft permits.

Permit reissuance process

  • Spring 2022 Listening sessions: We shared our early thinking on proposed changes and gathered additional input.
  • Fall 2022/Early 2023 Preliminary drafts of permit sections: We provide preliminary drafts of specific permit sections for informal comment.
  • Summer 2023 Formal Draft Permits: We will hold a formal public comment period, to include a workshop and hearing, on the draft permits.
  • July 2024: Make permit decision.

Preliminary Permit Drafts for Informal Comment - Fall 2022

As part of Ecology’s Phase I and Phase II Municipal Stormwater Permit reissuance process, we are asking for feedback on preliminary draft language proposed for the Permits and Stormwater Management Manuals, both eastern and western (SWMM).

We prepared several preliminary draft proposals for a 45-day informal comment period. Some of the preliminary drafts are excerpts of permit sections and not a complete representation of all the permit requirements. We will use the informal comments to develop the proposed language for the Formal Draft Permits, anticipated for public comment in the summer of 2023. 

Informal Comments due by 11:59 p.m. on Dec. 2, 2022

Comment template - to organize your comments

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We held a virtual workshop on the preliminary draft sections and Stormwater Management Manual Updates on Nov. 7, 2022.

Preliminary Draft Permit Topics

  1. Standard outfall reporting – mapping
    1. Template 1: GIS database (zip file will open)
    2. Template 2: GIS Shapefile (zip file will open)
    3. Template 3: Excel 
  2. Tree retention – stormwater planning or monitoring & assessment
  3. PCBs – Education and outreach, IDDE, O&M
  4. Sweeping – O&M
  5. EWA Effectiveness Studies – Monitoring & assessment
  6. Controlling runoff – Appendix 1
    1. Western WA Preliminary Draft App. 1
    2. Eastern WA Preliminary Draft Permit Construction/Post-Construction and App 1

Visit Stormwater Manual page for Preliminary Drafts available for comment.

Listening sessions

We hosted listening sessions on June 6 & 13, 2022, to prepare for the 2024 reissuance of the Municipal Stormwater Permits (Phase I, Western WA and Eastern WA Phase II) and concurrent updates to the Stormwater Management Manuals (SWMM), both eastern and western.

The listening sessions provided an opportunity to:

  • Present our preliminary plans for the scope of changes for the 2024 Permits and SWMMs.
  • Share early input we received from our stakeholders.
  • Hear further input on the proposed scope of changes.

Listening session presentations

Early input

We accepted early input until Feb. 25, 2022. 

Early input ideas help inform the scope of significant issues to be addressed in our reissuance of the 2024 permits. 

View early input comments

Collaboration opportunities

Structural Stormwater Control Policy Advisory Committee

This year we will begin hosting the Structural Stormwater Control (SSC) Policy Advisory Committee (PAC) — which will focus on recommendations regarding the Phase I SSC program requirements, and will also provide recommendations on whether this SSC approach is appropriate for 2024 WWA Phase II Permit. 

PAC Membership:

  1. Rod Swanson, Clark County
  2. Blair Scott, King County
  3. Maureen Meehan, Pierce County
  4. Bill Leif, Snohomish County
  5. Merita Trohimovich, City of Tacoma
  6. Ingrid Wertz, City of Seattle
  7. Sheena Pietzold, WDOT
  8. Jane Dewel, Port of Seattle
  9. Jenny Gaus, City of Kirkland
  10. Larry Schaffner, Thurston County
  11. Jason Quigley, Skagit County
  12. Ken Gill, City of Shelton
  13. Peter Holte, City of Redmond
  14. Alyssa Barton, Puget Soundkeeper
  15. Aaron Clark, Stewardship Partners

Policy Advisory Committee Meetings began in May 2022, details are posted on our SSC PAC project page.

Stakeholder-run collaboration – Ad-hoc groups

Some Phase I and Phase II Permittees are engaging in a collaborative process to discuss and recommend permit changes. Permittees are engaging with one another, as well as environmental stakeholders and other interested parties. This is not an Ecology-led effort so please contact the Stormwater Center below for more information.

Contact for Ad-Hoc Groups:

More information regarding the Ad-hoc Groups is on the Washington Stormwater Center’s website.