TurboPlan: Your online Pollution Prevention Plan

Businesses can use TurboPlan to report their Pollution Prevention Plan. TurboPlan charts data over time, showing trends in production, chemical use, waste, and energy consumption.

TurboPlan is accessed through SecureAccess Washington (SAW). Learn how to set up an account below.

How do I access TurboPlan?

Follow the steps below to gain access to TurboPlan and start your report.

Already have a SAW account?

  • Go to Step 2.
  • Note: If you have not logged into your SAW account for 24 months, your account will expire. You may need to create a new account.

Already have a TurboPlan account?

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Already have a TurboPlan account?

Access your Plan List by selecting the following:

  • My Services.
  • TurboPlan V2 (Pollution Prevention Plan).
  • Plan List (your active facilities are listed here).

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