Pollution prevention (P2) plan

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EPA added PFAS chemicals to 2023 reporting

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) added 9 additional per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) chemicals to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) list under the National Defense Authorization Act. You may need to report these chemicals in TurboPlan for your 2023 Pollution Prevention Plan.

Some businesses are required to submit a pollution prevention (P2) plan to reduce hazardous substance use and dangerous waste.

  • If you are required to submit a P2 Plan, we will contact you.
  • All P2 Plans are due by Sept. 1 every year.

Do you need to complete a P2 plan?

We will contact you if you’re required to submit a plan. A plan is required if your business or facility:

Regulations for planning are under Pollution Prevention Plans in the regulations (Chapter 173-307 WAC).

When is your P2 plan due?

  • We will contact you if you're required to submit a plan.
  • Your plan is due Sept. 1 each year.

How do you complete a P2 plan?

TurboPlan is a web tool that guides you through submitting your P2 plan. It can chart your data over time, show trends in production, hazardous substance use, waste, and energy use.

Can you use an environmental management system (EMS)?

Some facilities may qualify to use an EMS instead of completing a P2 plan. We recognize the value of EMS's and encourage facilities who qualify to use them. Contact our team to learn more.

Are there fees associated with P2 plans?