GIS Data

We maintain the spatial datasets described here in order to better describe Washington's diverse natural and cultural environments. As a public service, we have made some of our data available for viewing and downloading.

Our spatial datasets

Our geodatabase's standard projection and datum are in Washington State Plane, South Zone, NAD 83 HARN, units US feet, unless otherwise noted.

We also have a few maps available. For a listing of these maps, please go to our GIS Maps page.

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Air Quality Authority Areas
Air Quality Maintainence Areas
Ambient Montoring Stations


Public Beach Access
Stream Gauging Stations Used for Baseflow Calculations


City boundaries and Urban Growth Areas
Channel Migration Potential (CHAMP) Stream Networks


Dams in Washington State
Shoreline Sediment Driftcells
Washington State Drought Areas 2015


Emission Check Areas
Invasive Species Areas of Extreme Concern


Washington State Department of Ecology Facilties/Sites of Environmental Interest
Puget Sound Shoreline Types - Feeder Bluffs and Landforms
FEMA Flood Data


Geographic Names Information System


National Hydrography Dataset for Washington (Hi-Resolution NHD,24k-4k)
National Hydrography Dataset (NHDPlus) 100k
National Hydrography Dataset (NHD) 24k: Major Areas, Streams, & Waterbodies


Lake Bathymetry Contours
Land Cover: Basins Potentially Meeting 40% Total Impervious Area
Land Use 2010
Washington State Levee Inventory


Washington State Master Sample
Municipal Stormwater Permit Areas


Groundwater Nitrate Priority Areas



Puget Sound Watershed Characterization Project


Washington State Department of Ecology Regions
River Miles - USGS and Associated WDFW Stream Catalog


Shoreline Management Act (SMA) - SMA Jurisdiction Adopted
Shoreline Management Act (SMA) - SMA Jurisdiction Original
Shoreline Management Act (SMA) - SMA Jurisdiction Suggested
Shoreline Photo Point Locations
Shoreline Slope Stability
Surface Water Quality Standards for the State of Washington


Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Maps
Tribal Lands of Washington


Current Washington Water Quality Assessment 303(d)
Water Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA)
Geographic Water Information System (GWIS)
Water Diversions - Located on NHD Features
Watershed Boundary Dataset (WBD)
Well Reports (Logs)
Modeled Wetlands Inventory

Other data sources

  • If we don't have the data you are seeking, try these other data sources:

GIS data conditions of use

Our GIS data, while available for free of charge, is covered by our Conditions of Use Statement. Please view our copyright page for more information.