State, County, and Watershed Maps for Washington

We conduct projects that use Geographic Information System (GIS) produced maps as aids in accomplishing our mission. We build and maintain GIS maps to help our staff and the public understand the diverse natural and cultural environment. As a public service, we are making some of our maps available for download here.

Counties, WRIAs, and Ecology Administrative Regions

Tribes and Tribal Reservations

Tribal Reservations and Treaty Ceded Areas

Level 4/8 Hydrologic Unit Code (HUC) Boundaries

Puget Sound Watershed Characterization

Flood Hazard Area Maps

Salmonid Stock Inventory (SaSI) Maps

Map information

  • All of our maps are designed to be printed on 8½ x 11 inch (216 × 279 mm) media.
  • Maps can be printed on 11 x 14 inch (279 × 356 mm) media without loss of resolution.
  • All maps are available in PDF format, other formats such as JPG and EPS, are available by request, please contact: Adam Oestreich - GIS Analyst/Cartographer,, or 360-407-6418
  • All maps are covered by Ecology Copyright.
  • If your cannot view these maps, your computer may need a PDF viewer.

Data sources

To obtain the digital GIS data, please click on the links below to go to the source website or organization: