Washington State Hydrography Dataset Program

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The Washington State Hydrography Dataset Program (WASHD) coordinates the mapping of the surface waters of the State. Historically this has been as the steward of the USGS National Hydrography Dataset (NHD). As USGS transitions to the newer 3D Hydrography Program (3DHP), WASHD Program's role is evolving.

Washington state uses this dataset as the standard for all of our water-based GIS data. As the lead agency, we work with our partners to produce high quality hydrography data.

For more details about the WASHD Program, take a look at our Sites Page.

WASHD & National Hydrography

Learn about hydrography data within Washington State, including the USGS transition to 3DHP, historic NHD, WASHD Program's current role, and more.

WASHD Program Projects

Explore the projects of the WASHD Team. As part of our goal to improve stream mapping, we completed the Stillaguamish Pilot Project. Additionally, overview of the Coastline Hi-Res Lidar Delineation Project is included.

GIS Data

Access Ecology's hydrography-related data and other helpful data resources.

Other Resources

Discover ways to stay connected, as well as additional forms of WASHD communication and hydrography information.