What's next - site cleanup work

After the public comment period on the investigations and cleanup options (Volumes I, II, and III) closes on November 26, 2019, we will finalize those reports and plan cleanup actions for the Rayonier Mill study area.

The next step is to prepare a draft interim action plan (Volume IV) that describes cleanup of soil, groundwater, and sediment in the study area. We will also negotiate a formal legal agreement with Rayonier A.M. Properties LLC that commits them to completing cleanup. The public will be invited to comment on both of these documents.

Once the cleanup action is chosen and a detailed project design is complete, permitting and work on the ground can begin.

In a separate project, Rayonier will be removing the dock and jetty in the area leased by Rayonier from Washington Department of Natural Resources.  As part of the shoreline contouring that will occur during removal of the dock and jetty, we plan to draft a sediment cleanup plan that Rayonier will implement to cleanup contaminated sediments. The sediment cleanup plan and the legal agreement to implement the plan will be available for public review before they are finalized.