What's next - site cleanup work

After public comment on study area investigations and cleanup options, we will plan cleanup actions for the Rayonier Mill study area.

An estimated timeline of milestone events in the Rayonier Mill cleanup. Two public comment periods are estimated in 2017 and 2019, respectively. Each comment period centers on planning documents. Cleanup actions are estimated to begin after 2019.

Estimated timeline for Rayonier Mill cleanup.

Following a public comment period, we plan to make Volumes I-III of the Interim Action Report final in 2017. Volumes I and II of this report describe the nature and extent of contamination in the Rayonier Mill study area. Volume III describes and evaluates different options for cleanup.

When those are complete, we will make a plan for cleanup actions; this is Volume IV of the Interim Action Report. We will also negotiate a formal legal agreement with Rayonier A.M. Properties LLC that commits them to completing cleanup. The public will be invited to comment on both of these documents.

Once the cleanup action is chosen and a detailed project design is complete, permitting and work on the ground can begin.