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Yard Program updates

Since 2013, we have found almost 1,200 yards that qualify for soil replacement. To date, we have replaced soil in 228 yards within the Yard Program service area. This year we plan on replacing soil in 18 yards in the service area.

The Tacoma Smelter Plume Project has dedicated funding but we depend on the capital budget 

The funding for this project is from a bankruptcy settlement with the Asarco company. However, the money sits in the Cleanup Settlement Account which is a capital budget item. Every biennium the legislature must approve Ecology's request to spend the funds. This year the capital budget was not passed, and we did not receive funding. 

Map displaying 18 properties located in Ruston/North Tacoma.  Study area is colored green, and outside the study area is colored yellow.  The location of the former smelter is marked by a red x.

Current Progress: 2017 Construction Group

In 2017 we will be working on 18 properties inside Area 1 of the study area.

Notifying homeowners of sampling data within the study area

Ecology and the Health Department reviewed past sampling results from the EPA's Superfund cleanup site. We are currently notifying homeowners of their results.

By December 2017, we will have notified all homeowners of the sampling results for their property. If you live in the study area, you might receive a letter soon.

If a property qualifies for soil replacement, it may be several years before we are able to meet with you to discuss soil replacement. We have found almost 1,200 properties that qualify for soil replacement within our Yard Program service area.

This is a long-term project. We are working neighborhood by neighborhood to address the most highly contaminated areas of the plume. While you wait for soil replacement, practice healthy actions to reduce your exposure to contaminated soil. For more healthy actions, visit our healthy actions webpage.

Sign up for free soil sampling

See our Soil Sampling webpage for more information. We will be ending our Yard Program soil sampling efforts in 2017. If you are interested in soil sampling, please sign up now.


If you have questions, please call the Tacoma smelter plume line at 360-407-7688, press 2 for the Tacoma smelter plume.