Yard Program updates

Since 2013, we've found almost 1,186 yards that qualify for soil replacement. To date, we have replaced soil in 277 yards within the Yard Program service area. In 2019 we plan on replacing soil in 73 yards in the service area.

In 2019 we plan on working on 59 yards in Tacoma (colored blue on map).

Current progress:  2019 construction groups

In 2019, we plan on working on 73 yards in the Yard Program Service Area. Fifty-nine of these properties are in Tacoma (colored blue on map), and 14 are located on Vashon-Maury Island.

Thirty of the yards are located in Area A outside of the study area. This is the first year that we will be working on a large group outside of the study area. The remaining 29 yards in Tacoma are located both inside and outside of the study area. The actual number of properties we complete in 2019 depends on funding, when the funding becomes available, and contracting. 

New online map: Dirt Alert

In December 2018, we launched a new online Dirt Alert map. The map focuses on the Tacoma Smelter Plume, but also covers areas in the state where arsenic and lead soil contamination may exist: 

The map puts both information and data in one place. Where available, the map visually displays soil sampling data.  It also provides useful links,.such as our Healthy Actions webpage. For more information on the new map see our blog post

Healthy Actions

Healthy Actions are for everyone. They are simple practices you can do to reduce you and your family’s exposure to contaminated soil. For more healthy actions, visit our healthy actions webpage.

Sign up for free soil sampling

See our Soil Sampling webpage for more information. 


If you have questions, please call the Tacoma smelter plume line at 360-407-7688, press 2 for the Tacoma smelter plume.