Reduce waste & pollution

Managing the dangerous waste your business generates is critical to pollution prevention, but it's better if you can avoid generating dangerous waste in the first place. By eliminating dangerous waste at its source, you protect your workers, your community, and the environment from the hazardous effects of toxic chemicals.

Training and resources for safer alternatives to toxic chemicals

We partner with other organizations to offer webinars and in-person training to help your business understand chemical hazard and transition to safer chemicals. We also provide tools and other resources to help you find safer alternatives.

Hands-on assistance from our staff

Our chemists, engineers, and other specialists are here to work with you to reduce waste and find safer alternatives to toxic chemicals. Our assistance is free and non-regulatory.

Develop your Pollution Prevention Plan

Some businesses are required to submit a Pollution Prevention Plan each year, which details how they plan to reduce hazardous substance use and dangerous waste.