Pollution prevention plan

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EPA adds more chemicals for 2020 reporting

You may need to report more chemicals in TurboPlan for your 2020 Pollution Prevention (P2) Plan. EPA added new chemicals to the Toxics Release Inventory (TRI) list:

Your P2 Plan is still due by September 1.

Some businesses are required to submit a pollution prevention (P2) plan to reduce hazardous substance use and dangerous waste.

Do I need to complete a plan?

A plan is required if your business or facility:

  • Generates more than 2,640 pounds of dangerous waste annually; or
  • Reports toxic releases under Section 313 of the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act.

We will contact you if you’re required to submit a plan. Regulations for planning are under Chapter 173-307 WAC.

What does the plan identify?

Opportunities to voluntarily:

  • Decrease the amount of hazardous substances you use.
  • Reduce the dangerous waste you generate.
  • Conserve water, energy, and other natural resources.
  • Reduce air emissions.
  • Recycle waste into usable materials.
  • Identify the cost savings from taking advantage of pollution prevention opportunities.

Regular planning helps measure these efforts over time. Our Toxics Reduction Specialists also use the data to help your business turn these opportunities into results.

What are the benefits for submitting a plan?

When is my plan due?

Your plan is due Sept. 1 each year.

Note: We will contact you if you're required to submit a plan.

How do I complete a plan?

TurboPlan is a web tool that guides you through your plan. It can chart your data over time, showing trends in production, hazardous substance use, waste, and energy use.

Can I use my Environmental Management System?

Some facilities may qualify to use an Environmental Management System instead of completing a plan. This alternative is intended for facilities who have this in place. We recognize the value of these management systems and encourage facilities who qualify to use them. If you need more help, contact your regional office to speak with a Toxics Reduction Specialist.

Is there a fee?

Businesses and facilities that are required to complete a plan may also be charged the Hazardous waste planning fee. We'll send you an invoice if you're required to pay the fee.