Product Replacement Program

Our Product Replacement Program is a cutting-edge, preventative program designed to identify and address the most problematic chemicals impacting our state. It provides reimbursement funding, collection and disposal services, and other opportunities to help business owners transition to less toxic options. Made possible by the Washington Legislature, this program is making a difference in Washington's ecology as well as its economy.

Banner featuring icons of products from the Product Replacement Program.

Businesses in Washington are looking for ways to make their operations greener and more sustainable, but there are often cost barriers that prevent them from doing so. They need government support to transition away from toxic chemicals, which is why the Legislature provided funding for the Product Replacement Program.

Progression of legislative funding to businesses.

Many substances used by Washington businesses were at one time considered safe, which is why they continue to be the industry standard. However, advances in our knowledge about these chemicals has proven that they are not safe. We have the experience and relationships with Washington businesses to proactively address these problems before they become much bigger and more costly.

If you own or operate a business that uses toxic chemicals and are interested in learning more about whether safer alternatives exist, we encourage you to contact the Product Replacement Program. Taking this step may result in a net savings to your business or the environment.

See what businesses are already participating

Map of drycleaners and fire departments participating in the Product Replacement Program. See a spreadsheet of these businesses (.xls)