Hazardous waste generation fee

Each spring, we mail this fee to businesses for the previous year’s hazardous waste generation activities. The fee was established by the Legislature in 1990.

Currently the fee is $54 — the amount changes with inflation.

Why did my business receive this fee?

Your business is charged a fee because your NAICS code falls within those that typically generate dangerous waste. Your NAICS code is listed on the back of your invoice.

You must pay this fee if your business met the following criteria in the previous calendar year:

  • Your business generated dangerous waste in the year billed and the value of all your products, gross proceeds of sales, or gross income exceeded $12,000.

  • Or your business had an active EPA/State Site Identification number and reported dangerous waste generation activities.

What payment options are available?

Frequently asked questions

My business didn't generate hazardous waste, what should I do? How do I update my business information? What will happen if I ignore this bill? Do I have to pay the fee if I properly manage my hazardous waste? What are some examples of dangerous waste? Our old business information is printed on the fee bill. Are we properly billed? I have been in the same business for years, why have I not seen this fee before? Can I write one check and pay for several billed facilities in Washington? How does Ecology use the funds collected from the fee? What is the difference between dangerous waste and hazardous waste? Do you have additional resources about dangerous waste that can help my business?