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Notification of dangerous waste activity

If you manage dangerous waste under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) and Washington State Dangerous Waste Regulations you are required to notify us. When we receive the notification, we issue the site a RCRA Site Identification Number (RCRA Site ID Number). This is to ensure that dangerous waste is managed safely from the moment it is generated to its final disposal (cradle-to-grave).

What is a RCRA Site ID Number?

A RCRA Site ID Number identifies a single geographic location for a:

  • Site that generated regulated amounts of dangerous waste.
  • Transporter of regulated quantities of dangerous waste.
  • Facility that transfers, stores, treats, recycles, or disposes dangerous waste.

The RCRA Site ID Number, commonly referred to as an EPA ID Number, satisfies both the federal and state regulations for reporting dangerous waste activities. It is not a license or permit.

What is a RCRA Site ID Number used for?

It is used to identify your site on:

How to apply for a RCRA Site ID Number?

To apply for a RCRA Site ID Number you must complete the Dangerous Waste Site ID form. The first step in applying is to look up the address for the site where you are generating dangerous waste.

If your site:

  • Doesn't already have a RCRA Site ID Number assigned to it, select "Provide new notification of Regulated Waste Activity" on the form in section 1, option 1.
  • Already has a RCRA Site ID Number assigned to it, select "Reactivate a RCRA Site ID Number that was previously withdrawn" on the form in section 1, option 2.

Note: RCRA Site ID Numbers are not transferable to other physical locations.

If your business moves to a new location and continues to generate hazardous waste, you must:

  1. Withdraw the RCRA Site ID Number for the old location.
  2. Apply for a RCRA Site ID Number for the new location or reactivate a previously withdrawn number for the new location.

How do I revise my information or withdraw the RCRA Site ID Number?

You can login to TurboWaste to submit an Update Notification to withdraw or revise previously submitted information. All information can be updated electronically except legal ownership (section 5).

Once a RCRA Site ID Number is assigned to a site, it stays active until you withdraw it. This is true of "one-time only" sites, as well as sites that regularly generate dangerous waste.

A RCRA Site ID Number can be withdrawn when:

Don't have access to TurboWaste?

TurboWaste is the online reporting system for Dangerous Waste Annual Reports. If you don't have access to TurboWaste, you must contact Ecology to request a pre-printed RCRA Site ID form.

The form must:

  • Have an original, wet ink signature by an authorized representative for your site.
  • Be mailed to the address at the top of the form.

Note: We will return all forms that do not have an original, wet ink signature. Copies, faxes, or emails are not accepted.